How to Quickly Get Online Reviews or Feedback

Getting reviews and feedback from customers, clients or patients is no easy task these days.

Most customers promise to write one, but once they are out the door they forget all about it. They are not bad people, they simply have their own busy lives to think about and writing a review for your business is not one of their priorities.

What stops most customers from writing a review is;

  • They first must remember to write a review for your business
  • Then go to the 3rd party website you use to collect reviews
  • Find your page
  • Register
  • Login

… and only then can they write their review.

If only there was some way for customers to write a review while they are with you… well there is now.


Collect Customer Reviews with Eooro


At we believe the best time to get a review is when you have the customer in front of you. That’s why we developed our ‘Review Collector App’.

Its a simple app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet and any time you have a customer in front of you, pass them your device and ask them to write a review… right there, right then.


Getting online reviews quickly with eooro
Getting online reviews and feedback quickly with


Rather than getting 2 or 3 reviews from every 10 customers, get 4 times more reviews… no more waiting and hoping, you get the review instantly with Eooro.

So how does getting lots of reviews sound?

Great, right…of course, the more customer feedback you collect the better your reputation will look to potential customers thinking about using your business.

Our app will make it much easier for businesses to quickly build a good online reputation.

Don’t let the lack of reviews ruin your business image, start collecting today with Eooro.





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