How to Get Reviews and Feedback Instantly

Collecting reviews and feedback has become a huge thing, but getting customers to actually write them is a whole different ball game.

If a salon wants to collect reviews and feedback they must direct their customers to 3rd party websites to actually get the review written.

This means, before your customer can write a review they must;

  1. Remember the website name.
  2. Visit the website.
  3. Register an account.
  4. Verify their email address.
  5. Login to the website.
  6. Then write their review.

…. exhausting just thinking about it, is it any wonder it is so difficult to get reviews and feedback these days.

If you have been relying on this method to collect customer reviews and feedback you are probably only receiving 2 or 3 reviews from every 10 customers you ask. People are simply deterred by the steps they must go through to provide a review.


Instantly get reviews and feedback from clients and customers
Fig 2 – Instantly get reviews and feedback from clients and customers


With today’s technology you would think there was an easier way to get a client or customer to write a review… well there is now.

At, we believe the best way to get reviews and feedback is to get them directly from the individual, while they are still in your salon or shop.

The solution Eooro has developed is the world’s first Review Collector App, an app that lets you capture ‘on the spot’ reviews straight from customers.

Install the app on a smartphone or tablet and the next time you are with a client or customer, simply pass them your device and ask them to write a review for your business…. easy.


Woman writing review for stylist -
Fig 3 – Woman writing reviews and feedback for stylist


A customer can write a review in less than 30 seconds and the only thing they must do is verify their email address… no registration, no fuss.

Promote your salon or shop to potential new customers by displaying the reviews on your website with one of our Website Widgets (see below image).


Display reviews and feedback on your website
Fig 4 – Website Widget: Display reviews and feedback on your website


Quickly share reviews on your Facebook page and also to your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, using Eooro’s Social Media Posting Tool. You can post reviews manually with one click, or let Eooro do it automatically every time you get a new review.

Its a fantastic way to keep your existing followers engaged, but it is even better way to build social signals for your business.

Remember, promoting reviews on your website and via social media is the key to attracting new clients and customers. When people read positive content about your business they are more likely to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

Within approx. 3-8 weeks of using the Eooro, your reviews will appear on Page 1 of Google search results, when a person enters your ‘Business Name’ and the word ‘Reviews’. (See below example)

Google Search Term e.g “Marys Hair Salon Reviews

Reviews not only help endorse your business and attract new clients and customers, but if you plan on selling your salon or shop in the future, reviews are a great way to support your asking price as they give potential buyers a better insight into the business and its happy customer base.



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