How to Get Gold Star Ratings in Google Search Results

Every business dreams of getting to the top of search results, but when you get there you quickly realize you still have competitors competing for the same customers.

So how do you stand out from the competition?

Google gold star ratings are the answer.

The gold stars you see under website listings in Google search come from what’s called ‘aggregated data’. This data is produced by including Schema Mark Up code to your website that tells Google you have reviews and these are the ratings….. but it comes with lots of rules and can be very complicated for those of us who are not web wizards.

Sites with gold star ratings generally see a 20% increase in visitors (click throughs)…. which means, you get more traffic that should result in more sales.

For your website to be eligible for gold star ratings you must comply with several Google guidelines, the two most important rules are:

1. The reviews you collect must be displayed on your website.


2. Customers must be able to write reviews on your website.

Not abiding by these rules could get your site penalized by Google and this could seriously affect your rankings.

Getting gold stars can be complicated and expensive to implement, especially if you need to hire a web developer to do the work…. well not any more.

On the next page we will show you how to use Eooro’s ‘Gold Star Ratings’ system to get review ratings under your sites URL’s in Google Search Results.

It is very easy and should only take about 20 minutes to do.


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