Get Star Ratings in Google Search Results

Ever wondered how you get those gold stars you sometimes see under website URLs in Google search results?

These gold stars come from the average review rating that a business or website receives from their customers, its called Aggregated Data and this is created using Schema Mark Up code that is incorporated into websites.

Let’s break that down a little more;

Aggregated Data is the accumulated score a business has received from 1 or more customer reviews.

Schema Mark Up is the code used to create and present aggregated data, as reviews, to Google. This helps them know what the data is and how they should present it in search results.

Which is how we get the gold stars.


Gold Star Ratings in Search Results


Don’t worry if you know nothing about Aggregated Data or Schema Mark Up, that’s where Eooro comes in.

When you collect reviews with Eooro we take care of all these coding issues by simply giving you the tools and widgets which you cut and paste into your website and it only takes about 15 minutes to be up and running.

Let’s Get Started:

Assuming your business has already signed up to Eooro and you have collected 6 reviews, this article will guide you through how to get gold star ratings for your website in Google search results.

First you need to;

  • Login to Eooro and go to the My Account area.
  • Click the Gold Star Ratings tab in the left menu.


Then follow these 3 steps to get gold stars for your URLs in search results:



Download the file, unzip it and place in the root folder of your website.

Click the green Download button and use a zip file program to unzip it. Then drop the unzipped folder into your websites ‘root’ directory, it may also be called ‘public’, ‘web’ or ‘public_html’.




Place a Rich Snippet widget on 7 of your most popular product or service pages.

Copy the code marked by the red arrow and paste it on the pages you want to get star ratings for. The widget below the code will appear wherever you paste it, so make sure you consider the design and size.




Install a Review Widget on your website

Like Step 2, copy the code marked by the red arrow and paste it on the pages where you want your reviews to be displayed. If you put it on the footer it should appear on every page of your site. You can also use different widgets on different pages of your site.



After completing all 3 steps you need to go to Googles Webmaster Tools and re-index the pages where you installed the Rich Snippet code.

If everything was done correctly you should see gold star ratings start appearing for your site in a few weeks, newer sites might take longer as they have no authority built up yet on the internet.

Once the gold stars kick in you should start to see an increase in traffic, as your pages start to stand out in search results.


If you need any help, please email our support team at or talk to us via the Live Chat service on Eooro.


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