Customer Reviews, Today’s Word Of Mouth

In an age where information is at our finger tips, customer reviews are more important than ever. Online reviews are the modern-day ‘word of mouth’ and are a good indicator of a trustworthy and reliable business.

Consumers buy products and services from businesses all over the country and sometimes it’s not possible to get a friend’s opinion about a product or service a business sells, which is why more and more people rely on customer reviews.

Reviews not only help endorse a business or brand, they help influence a person’s decision to buy a product or service.

Many business owners worry about getting a bad review and they shouldn’t, its an inevitable part of doing business and most consumers expect to see the odd bad review.

You Can’t Please All Of The People All Of The Time

The important thing to do
with a negative review is to deal with it immediately and openly, let people see you can manage problems professionally as it will help build trust for your business.

Many business owners wrongly avoid gathering reviews, then, when a negative review occurs panics sets in and they spend days or even weeks trying to collect lots of positive customer reviews to try and gloss over the negative review.



A well prepared and organized business will not have this problem, as they would have been collecting reviews well in advance. So, when that negative review occurs it simply gets diluted in among the good ones… that’s just good planning.

Any business not actively collecting customer’s reviews are making a huge mistake and are leaving themselves exposed and vulnerable.

Not having customer reviews may also give the impression that your business is small time and not equipped or prepared to handle any issues that may arise.


Customer reviews are an asset to any business, they improve conversion rates and best of all, they are free


Customer reviews promote your business to future customers, they are the purest form of endorsement a business can have in today’s digital age and will be the best sales tool for your product or service.

Every review you collect will prove to be a constant source of income for many years ahead as it influences more and more people to buy from you.


Imagine a person has the choice of buying from two businesses.

One has no reviews, the other has 100 positive reviews

…which business do think they will buy from?

Do not under value current and past customers, they are the key to attracting new customers.

Finally, if you ever plan on selling your business, good customer reviews will help support your asking price and reinforce any claims you make about your customer base.

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